(LEAGUE) Gordonian RFC 2XV 5 - 12 Aberdeenshire RFC

Posted on October 15, 2018


(LEAGUE) Gordonian RFC 2XV 5 - 12 Aberdeenshire RFC

Aberdeenshire had been looking forward to this fixture against Gordonians in the league ever since the bad home defeat a month earlier in the cup against the Gogos. 

The weather on game day was the worst conditions that Aberdeenshire had faced so far this season. It had been raining nonstop for 24 hours and this made the ball take on the same effect as handling a bar of soap. After the warm up it was fairly obvious that it was going to be a long hard slog when conditions got even worse! 

Before KO the coaching team were emphasising the fact that it was going to be a day for keeping the play simple and very aggressive. For the boys who were at training that week, practice for the forwards had been very much up the jumper orientated. This was to be used to good affect come game day!

As KO approached there was a number of huddles and the mood turned serious to the job in hand. The realisation that this was a massive derby game and there was a lot to be gained or lost in the next two hours, was very obvious! The boys didn’t need much convincing from Captain Blazer Fiveman who saw in the faces of all the Shire warriors in that changing room, that this game meant everything! 

Shire chose to kick the ball first and right from the word go the first few hits proved that we meant business! Pinning the Gogos in their own 22 for the first 20 mins with some outstanding tackling and defensive line work. In that first 20 minute period there must have been at least 10 scrums due to the conditions which forced knock on after knock on. The back row combination of Drew Forbes and Andy falconer were stopping every attempt from the oppositions number 8 to pick up off the scrum. Mr "Angry Ginger Man Syndrome" Forbes was like a man possessed as every time the Gogos' standoff managed to catch the ball, he was there to stop him in his tracks which slowed them down and allowed the rest of the shire men to get set for the next big hit. Other memorable hits in this period were delivered from Aaron "I Wouldn’t Mess With Him" Wright, who lined up their number 9 and knocked him in to next Tuesday. Shortly after this Jamie Stephen, who had an outstanding game, narrowly missed a penalty kick attempt with the ball just sliding by the right hand post.

The first half as expected was a hard shift due to the conditions. The back line of Borris aka the bullet, Jamie Stephen, Jonny Gray & Jamie "Massive Piece" John found it hard to catch the bar of soap, but more than made up for it in their defensive work. The game changer came when the aforementioned lads managed to get the ball wide to the long awaited return of Mike "concorde" MacLugash, with his own particular set of skills manged to side step bambie like down the wing and score Shire's first try of the game. The remainder of the half was played in the Gogos' side of the pitch as the fired up Shire Men refused to let the opposition through. 

Half Time: 0 - 5

The half time talks from coaches Barny & “My Name is Jeff” were very much just keep on doing what you are doing and keep the work rate up.

The second half kicked off and Shire picked up from where they left off in the first half. With a series of good scrummaging and line out play from the forwards, shire continued to pin the opposition in their own half. Noticeable performances from new comer Ed "I’m A Handsome Guff" Minnet, who carried the ball well getting Shire on the front foot. And also Johnny Gray, who obviously woke up on the wrong side of the bed, was determined to cause chaos in the midfield even if that meant getting into a scrap at every break down. The continuing pressure from Shire paid off when standoff Jamie Stephen put a series of great dinks in behind the Gogos' line, Mike "mahoosive schneb" got on the end of one of them and bambied his way down the line and scored the critical try needed for the Shire in the corner! Jamie Stephen then managed to slot the conversion making the score 0 - 12.

With 20 minutes remaining on the clock the Shire Men, after their heroic efforts, started to tire. For the first time in the match the Gogos' managed to play the game in Shire's half of the pitch for a few minutes which led to a try just right of the posts. The Gogos' kicker missed the conversion making the score 5 - 12.

There was a number of substitutions due to tired bodies and injuries, one that was first thought to be a broken ankle on Thomas "I Annoyed The Physio" Dugdale, who was clearly going for an Oscar. Mark Littlejohn was also found muttering, stuttering and wondering around the pitch saying he was alright after being booted in the head. He was the most NOT all right person on the planet and so was marched off the pitch.

The last few minutes were hard to watch for the Shire Coaches & supporters who braved the horrible weather. True to our word before the game started, Shire grinded the game out and did themselves and their club proud.

All players were exhausted after a very hard fought victory against the posh boys of Gordonians.

Every player who represented Aberdeenshire was outstanding and did what was required to get the result! Well-deserved pints, and other questionable activities, in Aberdeen’s finest establishments were surely to follow.

MOTM – Borris aka the Bullet 

DOTD – Mark Littlejohn, because he loves a good pint 🍺

Match report written by Frazer Forman 📝

Next up the Shire Men will host Huntly RFC at The Fortress, Woodside, on Saturday 20th 🏉

Our Women's team, Quines, will also have a game in Saturday as they travel to the capital to take on RDVC Ladies 🏉

Training continues for both squads this week:

Shire Men's Training -
⏰ 18:30 - 20:00
📍 Woodside Sports Complex

Quine's Training -
⏰ 19:30 - 21:00
📍 Woodside Sports Complex
⏰ 18:30 - 20:00
📍 Woodside Sports Complex

All abilities and experience levels welcome!! 🏉


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