Ratu Peni Dagaga

Third XV

Ratu Peni Dagaga

Name: Ratu Peni Dagaga

Also known as: Peni

Nationality: British Town/City of birth: Suva City

Height: 6ft Weight: 105kgs

First Senior game for Shire:

Name of Sponsor:

Previous Clubs: Cambusland, Yeovil, Sunderland

Representitive honours:

Occupation: Engineer

Favourite meal: Anything, as long as it's edible!

Favourite drink: Alcohol

Favourite Music: Reggae

Favourite TV: NCIS

Favouite Films: Shawshank Redemption

Guilty Pleasure: Long bath with scented candles

Something about you no one else could guess: I used to be a winger or fullback

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