Brad Fraser

First XV

Brad Fraser

Name: Brad Fraser

Also known as: Braaaaaad

Nationality: Scottish Town/City of birth: Ellon

Height: 6ft 3in Weight: 82kg

First Senior game for Shire: Jed Forest, 2014

Name of Sponsor: Archer UK Ltd

Previous Clubs: Ellon RFC, Melrose RFC

Representitive honours: North-East Hurricanes, Caledonia u20

Occupation: Joiner

Favourite meal: Chipper (anything from Jacz)

Favourite drink: Irn Bru

Favourite Music: EDM

Favourite TV: Sons of Anarchy

Favourite films: Fury, Remember the Titans

Guilty Pleasure: Custard creams, Dressing up like a sheep

Something about you no one else could guess: Why I have so many A's in my name...Redmond knows..

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